Family Bike Park Zieleniec

9,7 km of routes
6 routes in total
Medium difficulty


The term "Family" perfectly reflects the nature of this bike park. Prepared for beginners and slightly advanced. We have smooth flow-trails here, where you can practice your position on descents, cornering with bands and pumping. There are also small jumps where you can jump. Four routes are available from two lifts, two connectors allow you to create intermediate combinations. The service takes care of loading the bikes onto the lift. The park has a very solid infrastructure (served by skiers in winter). That is, large parking lots, a bar, toilets. Also a driving school. We recommend Family Bike Park for half a day, there are plenty of other attractions in the area! I describe the routes from left to right (looking orographically, i.e. from above), which, interestingly, ideally consists of their increasing difficulty (and attractiveness at the same time). 1. At the Gryglówka ski lift It is 120 m of elevation gain. There are two routes here: Sztos (1600 m) and Patataj (1550 m). The first good for the first ride or warm-up. We have bands and rollers here (i.e. humps). Patataj can be used for further practice. The bands here are deeper, the humps higher. The possibility of jumping appears: there are straight and twisted tables and double humps. All safe, perfect for practice. 2. At Nartorama 180 m of elevation gain and two more routes. The first is one the "next stage" after those at Gryglówka lift. Zig-Zag (2400 m) really resembles a tailor's stitch, we ride there with beautiful deep bands. In addition, larger jumps, one rockgarden (i.e. a fragment of boulders) and a wooden drop. In other words, there is a lot going on and everyone should have fun here. Bomb-bel (2600 m) is a faster version of the one described above.
More features:
Transport to the top
2 lifts - Gryglówka and Nartorama
Driving school
Equipment service
Accessories store