Around Zabkowice Slaskie. DOT151

55.5 km

Route details

Short characteristics

It is an excellent and extremely interesting route in a hilly area. You ride on local asphalt and
field roads almost entirely in the open with extensive views and numerous architectural
monuments. For logistics reasons (possible access by train) as a starting point I took the
outskirts of Kamieniec Zabkowicki and then go clockwise.

Kamieniec Zabkowicki – Bobolice

You start on a comfortable asphalt road and in Stolec you can admire the ruins of a baroque
palace with the surrounding park and the church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed
Virgin and St. Susanna from the 13th century. There still is a short forest section and you
reach the Sanctuary in Bobolice, which is a place of pilgrimage tourism, across the fields.

Bobolice – Kluczowa

Next to the aforementioned church, you pass the palace from the 17th century along the way.
You turn to the fields and then, on comfortable asphalt road, you reach the impressive 16th
century Kluczowa Palace. Unfortunately, it is in a poor condition.

Kluczowa – Stoszowice

You start with a charming and quite demanding uphill section (MTB) on the slope of the
Kluczowska Gorka. This is the highest hill of the Bielawa Hills and this is the highest point
on the route. You go downhill on an off-road track with beautiful views and then join calm
asphalt roads across subsequent towns. In Stoszowice, at the end of this section, you must
have a look at a 13 th century castle. It is a very mysterious building with unknown history.
However, you can only see it from behind the fence.

Stoszowice – Kamieniec Zabkowicki

This is the most beautiful section of the entire loop. At the beginning you get closer to the
Sowie (Owl) Mountains. Their ridges are imperceptible at first but they ‘grow’ as you
approach. You have a better and better view of the Srebrna Gora Fortress and the town at its
foot. Then you turn parallel to the foot and enter the Brzeznica Massif on a bicycle track. This
is a small island detached from the Sowie Mountains. This stretch already deserves to be
called ‘light MTB’ and you can already experience the ‘mountain’ atmosphere. The finish
stretch of the loop leads across the field roads and all the time you are surrounded with
beautiful views.

More features:
Type route:
MTB, nature, loops, landscape, with rail access
asphalt, gravel, dirt
Bike type:
any, MTB

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