Bolesławiec – Kliczkow. DOT3

31.89 km
Routes system:
Singletrack Glacensis

Route details

Skort characteristic

It is one of the ‘old’ loops leading around Boleslawiec and it can be found on the town's
website. This 32km long track is worth remembering because it allows you to get from the
town to Kliczkow and back to Boleslawiec quickly and quite comfortably. In the vast
majority, it runs through the surrounding forests. In the north and east sections, you cycle on
dirt and, in the Osieczow – A4 section, on asphalt roads. The most interesting stretches are the
ones along the Bobr and Kwisa rivers. The latter is particularly attractive being like a smooth
and empty ‘rug’ with a beautiful view over the river. You must be careful because the north-
east section (‘above and next to’ Kliczkow) is sandy. If someone does not like such
conditions, they should turn to the neighbouring roads earlier or use a section of the DOT2
trail (starting at the intersection of the routes). The reservoir in Osiecznica close to the loop is
worth visiting.

More features:
Type route:
dirt, asphalt
Bike type:
needs attention

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