Dzierzoniow green trial. DOT147

32.1 km

Route details

Short characteristics

It is a beautiful foothill track led on smooth asphalt and dirt roads. As the route is almost
entirely in the open, you can enjoy great views and architectural highlights. The description
goes clockwise. I took the vicinity of the railway station in Dzierzoniow as the starting point.

1. Dzierzoniow – Dobrocin

You start in the suburban area and follow it up to Nowizna, where you pass an interesting
17th century palace. In Dobrocin, you will see a dilapidated palace from the 18th century. It is
on the route.

2. Dobrocin – Dzierzoniow

In this section, you can admire beautiful views over the Sowie Mountains and Dzierzoniow,
for a change. Between Owiesno and Bielawa you follow some dirt roads. However, you
generally avoid them and close the loop riding across some industrial outskirts.

More features:
Type route:
family, landscape, nature, loops, with rail access
dirt, asphalt
Bike type:

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