Gryfow Slaski. DOT10

25.32 km
Routes system:
Szlaki rowerowe Kwisy i Bobru

Route details

Short characteristics

The loop is marked blue and it runs mostly on smooth asphalt roads in the open. In the east
section – to Gradowek – the traffic is moderate and in the north and west sections there is very
little traffic. The ride is diversified by mostly calm descents and ascents as well as vast views.
The route is well marked. When arriving by train, you can start the ride at the stations in
Ubocz or Gryfow Slaski. In the case of coming by car, the latter town is better to start from.

Gryfow Slaski

It is a nice town of Piast origin, located between Zgorzelec and Jelenia Gora. The beautiful
market square with the impressive tower of the town hall is worth a visit.

More features:
Type route:
family, nature, with rail access, landscape, loops
dirt, asphalt
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