Kamienna Gora, yellow route. DOT133

52.33 km

Route details

This route is mostly led on small-traffic asphalt or forest gravel roads. It is fairly well but not perfectly marked and the changes of direction in Lubawka remain unmarked. You can admire a wonderful town of Krzeszow, historic Houses of Weavers, monuments of inanimate nature such as: outliers, the Giant’s Club, dwarf boulders and enjoy nice views from a viewing platform. There also is a border crossing.

The St. Anna’s mountain nearby offers great views.

Short characteristics

It is an excellent and ‘obligatory’ loop connecting great architectural attractions with monuments of inanimate nature and beautiful views. Its main attraction is the impressive baroque monastery complex in Krzeszow. You can view it from different angles and admire its place in the local landscape as the route leads almost around the whole complex. In addition, there is a bit of riding in the Krucze and the Zawory Mountains. Small-traffic asphalt roads dominate. The description goes anticlockwise.

The Kamienna (Stone) Mountain – Lubawka

You start in the town by the park. Then you pass a suburban section and do some climbing in the forest. You finish with the descent to Krzeszow, riding between the abbey and the Kalwaria Krzeszowska Way of Cross. It is a very beautiful stretch, after which you enter the forest and a light MTB with some nice views begins. Before Lubawka, the forest gravel ends and you ride to the town on asphalt roads.

Lubawka – Rozana

That is a ride from the Krucze Mountains to the Zawory Mountains  – part of the Stolowe Mountains. At the beginning there is some rough terrain but you can choose to take some moderate-traffic asphalt roads along the path. You pass through the charming town of Chelmsko Slaskie with its Houses of Weavers. Then there is a challenging uphill stretch to the Watchtower Corner. There is also a tempting viewing platform with beautiful landscapes of the Kamienne (Stone) Mountains right by the track. A bit further, you take a steep descent to Rozana. On the way, you pass a Mini Zoo and numerous geological attractions, including Czartowskie Skaly (Devil’s Rocks) where you must take some short detour.

Rozana – The Kamienna Mountain

The route changes its character and you ride on a slightly winding, very calm asphalt road. You pass more geological attractions and are back in Krzeszow. There you can go on a short architectural tour or a longer tourist route. The further ride to Kamienna Gora is very similar in character to the previous section.


Abbey in Krzeszow

A complex of monuments dating back to the 13th century is called the ‘European Baroque Pearl’. You can choose from a number of dedicated tourist routes, where you can get acquainted with the magnificent Baroque architecture, construction details of impressive buildings or construction and sound of the Engler organ (one of the most valuable in Europe). The real attraction is the night tour during which you will meet former abbots.

More features:
Type route:
with tourist attractions, loops, nature, landscape, with rail access
asphalt, dirt, gravel
Bike type:
needs attention

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