Lubawka MTB Border Blue Route. DOT129

30.72 km

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It is a beautiful and absolutely worth recommending loop in the Kamienne Mountains. The route is quite easy but there also is a more demanding stretch. It is led mostly on comfortable and not very steep roads. The description goes counter-clockwise.

Lubawka – the state border

You start at the town stadium with a spectacular entry into the Raba river valley. Then, you have to gain heights so you cycle around the Bogdal Mountain. A bit further uphill, there are some beautiful views. You reach the border by a short, narrow and overgrown passage.

Border path – Uniemysl

This section is generally flat but there are short steep uphill stretches. In addition, as there are numerous tree roots, the track is not easy. It is followed by a beautiful and fast descent to Uniemysl, where you can turn back. It is worth spending there some time to study the architecture of the Court Inn from the 18th century.

Uniemysl – the boulder of St. Hubertus

At the beginning you can enjoy some scenic field roads at the edge of the forest and this is how you get to Blazejow, where the most spectacular section of the loop awaits you. You cycle uphill among heavily indented mountain formations and the visibility should be rather good. Near Leszczowka you can see the votive boulder funded by the hunters. It is worth remembering this point when planning other explorations of the area.


The boulder of St. Hubertus – Lubawka

You continue the uphill ride and then across the slopes high above the valley from which you have started the ride. On the way, you pass the Krucze (Raven) Rocks reserve with a great panorama. It is worth stopping there to walk to the viewpoint. A bit further on, there is a renovated ski jump. This is where the dynamic descent begins. It goes partly on luxurious roads and partly on paths and field roads.


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