Lwowek Slaski, local loop. DOT9

93.37 km

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It is a great route for experienced teams. To the distance of 93 km  you must add 1,400 m of steep elevation gain. There are many interesting towns along the way, where you can take a short additional loop. It leads on diverse roads  – both field and asphalt – but all of them are rather hard. There is a lot of open space with extraordinary views of the Jizera and Karkonosze Mountains and the Podgorze hills. When coming by car it is best to start in one of the small towns. If you come by train the loop can also be done from the station in Gryfow Slaski or Rebiszow. It is worth checking the wind because you are in the open almost all the time.

The order of photos: anticlockwise starting from Lwowek Slaski.

Zlotniki Lake

It lies between Gryfow Slaski and Lesna. The route touches the eastern edge of the reservoir and then crosses it by a long and narrow footbridge. It is worth planning a longer stop there.

Lwowek Slaski

To see more photos of the town check the nearby DOT12 track.

Gryfow Slaski

To see more photos check the nearby DOT10 track.


It is another interesting town on our route. It dates back to the 12th century and it gained its town privileges in the 14th century. It is worth taking and additional short or long loop to see it.


It is a very interesting town where you can spend a whole day. The biggest tourist attraction is its location: in a narrowly indented spectacular curve of the river Bobr, among the high hills. This can be clearly seen when entering a viewpoint on the tower. The nearby castle of Wlen Grodek literally hangs over the buildings being about 200 m higher. For cyclists, this means solid descents and uphill sections of about 10 degree angle. Along the way, we will see the Lenno Palace and the Prince’s Palace in the town. There are also numerous other monuments.

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family, landscape, with tourist attractions, with rail access
dirt, asphalt
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