MTB Sudetes Zone, Gluszyca – Mieroszow red. DOT109

39.4 km
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Strefa MTB Sudety

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It is an impressive MTB loop of medium difficulty designated mainly on forest roads of different character. There are no excessively steep climbs or descents (steepness does not exceed 10%). There are longer, beautiful sections leading through sharply cut valleys of streams. There are some interesting attractions on the route and it is quite scenic in its upper part. It is definitely worth the effort. We recommend cycling anti-clockwise.

Gluszyca – Andrzejowka – Sokolowsko (north part)
You start with a discreet departure from the town along the Zlota Woda (Golden Water) stream. You follow along this rather wide stream until it becomes small and narrow. The steepness in this section usually does not exceed 10%. Then, you finally slowly climb the slopes of Waligora mountain. Just before you reach Andrzejowka mountain hostel, you can enjoy some beautiful views over the Walbrzych Mountains. It is the highest point of the loop. Andrzejowka is a well-known and recognized mountain hostel, so it is worth planning a break before the descent to Sokolowsko.

Sokolowsko – Gluszyca

You start with a really sharply indented and very scenic valley of the Sokolow Maly stream. You pass a fork on the way and finally climb higher. What follows is a longer stretch that is a pleasant up and down swing along the border with the Czech Republic. You finish with a downhill ride to Gluszyca Gorna and a wonderful melaphyre quarry ‘Kamyki’. There, you may devote a little time to some metaphysical considerations as the place simply makes you feel like it. The rest of the downhill section is easy.

I think that pictures will say more than any words of delight. For 50 years, nature has taken over, as you can see, very effectively this mine excavation. It reminds me a lot of a natural mountain glacial lake. You can even distinguish two parts separated by a distinctive rock gate. There are plans to turn this place into a tourist attraction.



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