MTB Sudetes Zone, Kamienna Gora, Blue. DOT104

15.6 km
Routes system:
Strefa MTB Sudety

Route details

Short characteristics

It is an easy MTB route run entirely on forest roads. There are sections lined with crushed stone, luxurious gravel highways and bumpy, degraded, skidding roads. It may not be an outstanding loop but such a variability of surfaces definitely diversifies the ride. We recommend cycling anti-clockwise, but it does not really matter. The route has a small total elevation gain and no steep sections make it ideal for the first time MTB rides. There are no spectacular views but some spaces open up. A section of this loop overlaps with the yellow one but the recommended cycling directions are opposite. The route belongs to the MTB Sudetes system.

More features:
Type route:
family, MTB, loops
rocky, dirt
Bike type:
very good

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