MTB Sudetes Zone, Mieroszow, Green. DOT107

26.86 km
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Strefa MTB Sudety

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It would seem to be a perfect loop for the first steps with MTB as it is not too steep, relatively easy and there are wide forest and field roads with a longer section of a smooth asphalt road. However, there is a section where you need to take a drawn detour to follow a makeshift, torn forest road (as of 2020). At the top of the Jatki mountain the route gets chaotic, so it is difficult to find your way there and the descent is really steep. However, if you decide to calmly push and possibly bring the bike down the steep stretch, then the rest of the loop does not present any difficulties. And there are some nice views as a bonus. The authors suggest starting and finishing in Sokolowsko. The description goes anti-clockwise.

Sokolowsko – Mieroszow

This section is rather quiet and led entirely on dirt roads. There are two uphill stretches: the first one in the forest beyond Sokolowsko and a short but steep one beyond Kowalowa. The rest of this section is a leisurely ride on slightly undulating terrain with pleasant and wide panoramas.

Mieroszow – Sokolowsko

Once you have passed Mieroszow, there are a few kilometres of gentle uphill stretches. At the beginning it is an asphalt road and then you ride across the Mieroszow Walls (Stolowe Mountains), on a comfortable forest road along the border. You come to a turn and when you pass it, there is a longer descent taking you (with some short climbs along the way) to the railway line crossing, which is the lowest point of the route. You enter an agricultural road (only for agricultural machines and bicycles) followed by an easy asphalt one for a few kilometres. This whole area is called the Mieroszow Depression and it is very scenic. Watch out for Nowe Siodlo pass at the edge of the forest as the official road ends with a fence and it is ploughed so that no one tries to ride there. I marked a detour along an improvised (by the heavy vehicles of foresters) road. Do not meddle with it and stick to the designated detour as all other options are even worse. At the top of the mountain it may seem that there is no continuation but after a dozen or so metres, the further route becomes obvious – this is that steep stretch I mentioned at the beginning. The finish of the loop is cool.

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