MTB Sudety Zone, Mieroszow. DOT108

17.18 km
Routes system:
Strefa MTB Sudety

Route details

Short characteristics
It is a very nice and challenging loop leading mostly on dirt roads and paths. The route should
be ridden counter-clockwise.

Sokolowsko – Unislaw
You start in Sokolowsko resort on a stretch of an asphalt road and then enter the standard
forest road. Starting from the viaduct under the tracks that you pass, the track becomes
overgrown and difficult. You have to fight with steepness and nettles. From the top, you can
enjoy a beautiful and steep (over 20%) descent on a narrow path across the meadows.

Unislaw – Lesista
This an ordinary and reliable MTB on which you ride a fully paved dirt road across a decent
(usually 10%) slope. You start the ride across the spectacular meadows of Unislaw. Higher on
the track, you can find numerous geological curiosities organised into an educational path.
Among them there are the famous wind crevasses and the mountain's volcanic past. You can
enjoy nice views over the Suche Mountains. The top itself is overgrown, with no history.

Lesista – Sokolowsko
There is no great philosophy there because it is a dynamic descent. In the upper stretch, you
can test the limits of our courage with fixed 15% of steepness. The last stretch up to
Sokolowsko leads on an asphalt road and is a formality.

More features:
Type route:
loops, MTB, landscape, nature, with rail access
dirt, gravel
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