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It is still an area undiscovered by cyclists and it is difficult to meet anyone outside the area of
the lookout tower. The beautiful scenic route leads mainly in the Przemkow Landscape Park,
along the ecologically valuable areas of Przemkow Bagno (Swamp) and the Przemkow Ponds
reserve. It is dominated by field dirt roads, you will also find a lot of forest sections and there
are few stretches of asphalt roads. It is marked as yellow but in many places the signs are
missing and have not been eked (as of 2019). The natural starting point is Przemkow and we
suggest completing the loop counter-clockwise.

Przemkow Swamp

Looking at the name of this area, you may expect dangerous and impassable swamps. But it is
not like that. Although the terrain is wet, it is easy to move around it by bike. The plant
communities are captivating. You will find there willows, marshy fragments, wild meadows,
reed beds, rushes and willow thickets. All of this makes this section between Gaworzyce and
Ostaszow the most interesting.
Note: in the forest near Dzikow it is always wet and deep ruts filled with water can make
cycling difficult.

Przemkow Ponds

It is an avifauna and water reserve and at the same time a fishing farm. Altogether, you will
find there 30 ponds with a total area of 900ha and a forest buffer zone located between
Szprotawa and the North Canal. There are as many as 250 species of birds (of which 150 are
breeding birds). It is, therefore, a very important place on the map of European bird
migrations. The described bicycle route runs along the east shore of the reserve. Nearby, next
to the Nowy Slaski Pond, a beautiful high observation tower was constructed and you can
reach it by about 400m long wooden bridge. This road is regularly serviced but nature can
destroy wood amazingly quickly. Some boards can be damaged, so be careful. This is a
beautiful culmination of the trip and it is worth staying there for longer.

By the route

If you would like to combine contact with nature with sightseeing nearby towns, you can visit
the palace in Gaworzyce and even ride to the nearby Dzikow and see a sculpture there. In
Przemkow there are a few noteworthy monuments, you can also eat or shop without any

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Type route:
family, nature, with tourist attractions, landscape, loops
dirt, gravel, asphalt
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very good

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