MTB Sudety , Bielawa yellow trail. DOT120

21.29 km
Routes system:
Singletrack Glacensis

Route details

This is an easy and very scenic route leading mainly on roads that are heavily cut into the slopes. In addition, there is one very demanding stretch on the path across the peak of the Popielak mountain. I will start the description from the access point on the Woliborska Pass and proceed clockwise.

  1. Woliborska Pass – Bielawska Glade.

It is a long smooth and very wide gravel highway cut into the slopes of the mountains. There are nice views and the slope is moderately steep.

  1. Bielawska Glade – Jugowska Pass.

This section is very similar in character to the previous one, although the road is a bit narrower and the views are even nicer. The ride across the ski slope over the Zygmuntowka Mountain Hostel is particularly impressive.

  1. Jugowska Pass – Bielawska Glade (northern part of the loop).

It is a very nice section mostly tucked away in the woods. There are some nice views from time to time but it may be wet. You pass the source of the Bielawica  river on the way. The stretch in the ‘Bukowa Kalenica’ Reserve is really beautiful.

  1. Bielawska Glade – Woliborska Pass.

It starts with a very demanding stretch on a walking path on both sides of the Popielak mountain. It is steep and rocky. Further on, it is definitely calmer because you ride on less frequented roads and, apart from possible mud, it is calm.

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rocky, gravel, asphalt
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