MTB Sudety Zone, Walim-Gluszyca. DOT115

71.48 km
Routes system:
Strefa MTB Sudety

Route details

It is the longest and probably the most interesting loop in the ‘MTB Sudeten Zone’ system. Many fragments are so attractive that you would like to go on them again immediately. When setting out the route, it is worth taking into account a few things:

– as few asphalt stretches as possible

– as many narrow one-way paths as possible

– uphill and downhill sections are crucial in MTB

– avoiding people’s settlements.

Certainly due to the length and difficulty we do not recommend it to the beginners. You can say that these are basically three nice routes in one. In addition, you need to be vigilant, because there are sections very difficult to navigate and there is no time for mistakes or retakes. However, there are countless beautiful attractions along the way.

More features:
Type route:
MTB, loops, landscape, nature
dirt, gravel, rocky, asphalt
Bike type:
very good

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