Copper and Stone Trail. DOT1

69.54 km
Routes system:
Szlaki rowerowe Kwisy i Bobru

Route details

Being one of the most unusual routes of Lower Silesia, it is a must! You will find there
elements of dark tourism (the site of a tragic catastrophe), fallen industrial plants, karstic
phenomena and pioneer species of plants. And most importantly, a strong but widely
unknown period of our mining history as well as a spectacular film tourism facility. The route
is marked only in towns, there are practically no signs in the open. There are no information
boards or signs where to turn to see something interesting. On the other hand, it gives an
irresistible feeling of discovering terra incognita. The published ‘track’ was based on not very
accurate old maps and may slightly differ from its historical prototype. In the vicinity of
Olszanica, I consciously slightly modified its course because the field road it was supposed to
run on no longer exists. The route is dominated by field roads and with small traffic asphalt
roads. It is to be ridden on any bike. Boleslawiec is a good starting point, also by train. If you
choose to sightsee everything thoroughly, you may end up with very little time. However, you
can easily divide the route into two one-day sections.

Old Copper Basin

It was created, among others, based on the Konrad mine built, but not launched, by the
Germans during the war in Iwiny. After four years of work, the mine was drained and
launched in 1950, and after further extensions in 1976, it was the largest mine of its kind in
Europe. From that moment on, with the successively expanded ‘New Basin’ (Nowe Zaglebie),
now known to us as KGHM, it gradually lost its importance. In 1987, the exploitation of
copper ores was completed there and an even more interesting chapter of drinking water
production began. However, it ended with the poisoning of the underground lake. I will leave
this sad thread to those more inquisitive.

In addition to the Konrad Mine, the ‘Lubichow’ Mine in Lubkow, where the production of
gypsum and anhydrite continued after the period of copper ore mining, and the Upadowa
Grodziec Mine were located on the route.

More features:
Type route:
family, loops, with tourist attractions, with rail access, landscape, nature
dirt, asphalt, gravel
Bike type:
needs attention

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