Around Legnica. DOT176

84.77 km

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Short characteristics

It is an extensive loop of 85km circling Legnica. Marked as a hiking trail, it runs entirely on
dirt and asphalt roads and that is why it seems to be much more suitable for cycling. The route
is nicely, though not perfectly, marked. It is very diverse in character, interesting and easy to
reach from many places in Lower Silesia – it takes only 50 minutes by train from Wroclaw.
There are 4 railway stations on the route and it can be conveniently divided into shorter
sections. The description follows that pattern.

Jaskowice Legnickie – Raszowka

It is a very diverse 27km long section. Near Jaskowice, there are smooth and quiet asphalt
roads, a bicycle path around the Kunica Lake and the route passes also some wealthy
suburban neighbourhoods. It is suitable for families and social cycling groups. From
Szczytnik Nad Kaczawa to Raszowka, you ride through a beautiful forest with water
reservoirs. And you are very likely to meet some more determined lovers of two wheels.

Raszowka – Milkowice

On this 15km section you quickly leave for an open area where ride mainly on smooth asphalt
roads with extensive views. The bike accelerates by itself. Fantastic!

Milkowice – Koiszkow (train station in Przybylowice)

It is a 26km highly varied section. It starts with a charming railway viaduct and a descent
across the fields. There is a very interesting stretch at the edge of the wild Zlotoryja Forest
and you can additionally ride a little deeper into the forest as there already is a real
challenging MTB. From that moment on, you enter the terrain of varying heights and
beautiful panoramas of the mountains. The next important point is Dunino, the Museum of the
Battle of Kaczawa (the turning point of the Napoleonic Wars). A small rotunda, which can be
visited by appointment, commemorates the events of August 26 th 1813. A total of about
190,000 soldiers, nearly 15,000 dead (mostly teenagers), fights mainly with bayonets and
sabers … Good for reflection.

Koiszkow (neighboring train stations) – Jaskowice Legnickie

This section is 16.5km long and there are a lot of light hills and off-road cycling on dirt roads.
The most beautiful is a little bumpy section around the Koskowice Lake reserve. It is a
beautiful overture for the entire trail.

More features:
Type route:
family, with tourist attractions, with rail access, loops, nature
dirt, asphalt, gravel
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