The loop of the Bialskie Mountains. DOT167

37.02 km
Routes system:
Stronie Śląskie trasy rowerowe

Route details

Short characteristics

It is a beautiful loop running in the middle of the Biala Ladecka river valley and the high-
lying asphalt Marianna Road. The route is dominated by asphalt but there are also some rocky
dirt roads. I described it clockwise, which seems a bit better than going anticlockwise.

The Biala Ladecka RiverValley

It is a tourist part. You start in Stronie Slaskie with a 15km uphill stretch almost entirely on
local asphalt roads and mostly along the river. The slope is moderate (about 5%) and not
difficult. Other villages that you pass are: Goszow, Stary and Nowy Gieraltow and Bielice.
They are tourist destinations, well-maintained and with very good infrastructure.

Czarnobielski Dukt – Czarny (Black) Dukt

This is the most difficult section of MTB character. It starts at the fire ponds, then there is a
longer forest uphill stretch. You have to climb about 250m of elevation gain, the slopes reach
10%, but the terrain is quite difficult (stones). It ends with an exit on a smooth asphalt rug.

The road of Marianna-Mlynowiec

You ride for a few kilometers on a fairly constant, ordinate and smooth road. Behind
Kobylnik there is an excellent viewpoint over the Snieznik Massif, where it is worth stopping
for a longer time. Now a long, fast, steep forest descent of about 15% on a rocky road begins.

Mlynowiec – Stronie Slaskie

The final descent on smooth asphalt until the loop closes.

More features:
Type route:
family, loops, landscape, nature, MTB
dirt, asphalt, gravel, rocky
Bike type:
very good

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