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The Saxon City Route Cycle Route is 343 km long in its entirety and connects numerous cities from the German-Polish border in Görlitz to the Thuringian state border. It is the cross-country cycle route of the Free State of Saxony (partly Germany Route No. 4) and thus also links the important river cycle routes on the Oder-Neisse, Spree, Elbe, Mulde and Zschopau rivers. The city route is marked with a red S.

Six towns in Upper Lusatia joined together in 1346 to form a protective alliance, the “Oberlausitzer Sechsstädtebund”.

You will get to know four of them, Görlitz, Löbau, Bautzen and Kamenz on this section of the “Saxon Town Route”. The route first leads past picturesque country castles and the romantic landscape park. Kamenz, Lessing’s birthplace, houses museums on the history and geography of the region. After Kamenz, the monastery of St. Marienstein in Panschwitz-Kuckau invites you to take a break. Many interesting things await you in Bautzen: a leaning tower, a “water art” in a massive fortified tower, a medieval cathedral shared by Catholics and Protestants, and much more. The next town, Loebau, is famous for the cast-iron Friedrich August Tower and for the Schminke House. In the Löbau Museum of Craftsmen and Six Towns Alliance you can admire the original trophy of the alliance. At the end point of the tour, in the over 900 year old European city of Gorlitz/Zgorzelec with its multitude of architectural monuments, you will find many an interesting place from the “Whispering Arch” to the Biblical House and the “Kaisertrutz”.

The “Sachsische Städteroute” is signposted in Upper Lusatia with the big red “S”. The route profile is predominantly slightly hilly, so that the tour can also be mastered by children without any problems if it is divided sensibly.

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family, with tourist attractions, for electric bicycles, with rail access, landscape
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very good

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