Walbrzych loop DOT141

60.2 km

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It is a very varied loop led on the town’s outskirts. However, you do not really feel the proximity of Walbrzych. In the south part, it is a normal MTB with local drops of 15-20%, in the north it does not lose its character, although the slopes are clearly smaller – up to 10% – and the quality of roads is a bit better. Certainly, the route is worth recommending and you can add the climb to the Borowa Mountain to it. Having given it a lot of thought, I would suggest the SPA House in Szczawno-Zdroj as a starting point and then going counter-clockwise.

  1. Szczawno-Zdroj – Dzikowiec

You mostly ride in the forest on paved dirt roads but between them there is a longer stretch on an asphalt road with light traffic and the slopes are below 10%. After Nowy Lesieniec you pass a closed quarry. The route does not lead to the lift in Dzikowiec but it is definitely worth turning there. You can take a rope ride up to the lookout tower and you do not necessarily have to take your bike with you as all descents are DH.

  1. Dzikowiec-Rusinowa

This one is the most interesting and the most difficult sections of the loop. At the beginning, you ride partly on asphalt roads and partly on forest roads. Right behind Glinnik, there is a hard forest uphill stretch of 15% but later it gets easier and, as you pass Kamionka, the views are truly beautiful. You reach the highest ordinate of the route near the Borowa Mountain. As a reward you ride a long beautiful and scenic downhill stretch. Sometimes you have to ride uphill but these are very short sections and so you rush on the slopes of the Borowa, Koziol, Wolowce, Dluzyna and Okragla Mountains.


  1. Rusinowa – Szczawno-Zdroj

This section is truly varied. You follow a constant height swing: uphill-downhill, but the downhill stretches are mild and only reach 5%. You pass through small patches of forests and vast fields with wonderful views but there are also a few urbanized suburban areas. You can be really impressed by the section after Podzamcze, with a view over the Trojgarb and Chelmiec Mountains. Note: at the special economic zone, after Mando, from the bike path you have to enter the busy 379 road and stay on it for about 600m, because this is the only way to comfortably rejoin the route. If you miss it, then at the exit in front of the Toyota, you will have to cross the road and lead the bike ‘backwards’ for about 100m.

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