Węgliniec, a loop following the traces of the former railway. DOT16

11.15 km

Route details

Short characteristics

It is a new, recently completed investment. The route was developed thanks to cycling
enthusiasts from Wegliniec. It runs in a young dense forest, along the route of the former
railway line from Wegliniec to Czerwona Woda. The loop is separated from the road traffic,
so you can feel safe even with small children. At the turning point in Czerwona Woda, it is
worth seeing the local ponds.

Railway traditions

Wegliniec has always been a very important railway junction serving passenger and freight
traffic as well as civil and military transports. These traditions are strongly visible in this
pleasant town. Starting from the Local History Gallery of the Association of Lovers of the
Wegliniec Land, through the monument at the square in Pilsudskiego Street, to the ‘railway’
Museum of the Eastern Borderlands.

More features:
Type route:
family, with tourist attractions, with rail access, nature
dirt, asphalt
Bike type:
very good

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