Węgliniec Blue, nature loop DOT15

27.12 km

Route details

Short characteristics

Just like the previous route DOT14, this one is practically unmarked out of towns. Its main
advantage is plant diversity: from spruce and pine monocultures through mixed forests to
deciduous coppices. There is a variable grassy undergrowth or large ferns. Similarly to
aforementioned DOT14, you mainly ride through forests on a friendly ground. More or less in
the middle of the route, in Gluszec, you will find a large tourist shelter. The route perfectly
complements the nature and tourist path ‘Parowa Ponds’ because it leads across previously
omitted areas.

Parowa Ponds – northern section

The reservoirs there are smaller and more overgrown, but therefore even more interesting and
valuable in terms of nature. You will also find the oldest settlements dating back to the
Middle Ages. There is a lot of wetlands and peat bogs in the vicinity of the ponds.

More features:
Type route:
family, nature, with rail access, loops
Bike type:
needs attention

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