Wegliniec, family loop. DOT14

22.8 km

Route details

Short characteristics

This route, as well as two others, can be found on the website of the Town of Wegliniec in the
form of an old pdf. There is practically no marking of the track in the field. This does not
change the fact that it is excellent. Fortunately, this application or a downloaded GPX file is
enough to ride it! We dedicate it to everyone who loves nature and forests in particular. It is
also worth remembering when the heat of the sun or wind will make more open variants
difficult. Lovers of dark-tourism will find something for themselves there as well. The starting
point for the drivers is Stary Wegliniec but you can also easily get there by train getting off at
the nearby Wegliniec station. Apart from a short stretch at the beginning and a slightly longer
one after Zielonka, the whole route runs on dirt roads which can a bit soft in places, but there
are no significant problems for cycling there.

First and Second Riegels (Crossbars)

It is a remnant of an extraordinary mine. Unusual in that it is lignite but mined using the deep
sea method. Now, only two ponds and steep spoil heaps remain after the mining plant. The
first pond located in a deep and steep basin with stumps of trees gives a post-apocalyptic
impression. The second one is its alter ego – a charming forest reservoir that simply
encourages a moment of laziness. To the south, behind the railway tracks, there are the
remains of the Second Riegel (Rygle Drugie) mine and the proper name for both is Kalawsk.
This is a disaster site because when water from a mine pond entered the mining excavations
five miners died. The loop does not pass through that place but it is easy to get there from the
Krusza pond (about 2 km) or Zielonka (similarly).

The Krusza pond and the Skalki quarry

This reservoir was created on peat bogs with the stands of rare plant species. It is also a place
of occurrence of beaver with numerous traces of its construction activity. Right next to the
pond, there is an entrance to a closed medieval sandstone quarry. The Piensk Castle, St.
Peter's Church in Goerlitz and the Joachimstein Palace in Radomierzyce were all built from
the local raw material.

More features:
Type route:
family, with rail access, landscape, nature, loops
dirt, gravel, asphalt
Bike type:
very good

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