A short loop in the Barycz River Valley


Another suggestion that will definitely appeal to the beginners on bicycles with young children is a loop on the educational path around Trzesniowka ponds (DOT53). The track is 5 km long and begins in Ruda Sulowska.

The educational path around Trzesniowka ponds leads across picturesque areas of the southern ponds in Ruda Sulowska. The marked track (DOT53) circles the picturesque group of Trzesniowka ponds and is marked with a white square crossed in green.


The route begins at the car park by the Education and Tourist Centre Naturum. Initially, it leads through the village on a little -frequented road (about 100 m) to later enter the area of ponds.

A short but varied track for cycling with children

For a relatively short section this track is quite diverse. It leads both on a convenient wide asphalt road, a forest avenue on top of a levee and a field path among meadows and groves.

The big advantage of this route is the fact that it is designated almost entirely away from the roads with car traffic. That is why, it is completely safe for the youngest cyclists.


However, it is worth remembering that this track is quite popular. You can meet many walkers, as well as cyclists who follow the long-distance routes in the Barycz River Valley which partly correspond to it (see 138 km track across the Barycz River Valley – DOT54 or 165 km Trzebnica Cycling Loop DOT68).

Educational path

On the track there are several educational boards devoted to flora and fauna of the Barycz River Valley Landscape Park. It is worth stopping by them and find out more about this picturesque area. Milicz ponds are a beautiful place at any time of the year but remember that the water level and the number of birds there is dependent on the season (during fishing, water in the ponds is drained).

Riding this path with a 6-year-old on her own bike and a bicycle trailer plus a mini picnic rest took us only 1 hour and 10 minutes. We spent the remaining time in Ruda Sulowska as there is definitely plenty to do there.

Education and Tourist Centre Naturum in Ruda Sulowska

The Education and Tourist Centre Naturum in Ruda Sulowska is a great place for spending some quality time with your family in the Barycz River Valley.

At the car park you will find a large colourful fish figure. This is a part of the Colourful Carp Trail, which leads through the most interesting corners of the Barycz River Valley. The educational and tourist centre is undoubtedly one of them! It is worth staying there for longer.

The heart of the centre is the Inn of 8 Fish located right next to commercial fisheries. It is famous for its excellent cuisine and atmosphere. The dishes here are marked with the ‘Barycz River Valley’ recommendation sign. On sunny weekends, you can eat on the terrace with a view over the commercial ponds or buy fresh fish in a fish truck.

However, do not limit yourself only to this place. Going along the ponds, you will reach a mini zoo with rural animals. Right next to it, there is an interesting playground, a sensory and educational path about the flora and fauna of the Barycz RiverValley, as well as a small open-air museum and a museum of the Milicz Fishing Tradition and the Barycz River Valley (open from 7am to 7pm).

For more information and curiosities about the Barycz River Valley, let me invite you to have a look at on our blog dedicated to this area (attention you leave the dolnyslaskrower.pl application).


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