Golden Polish Autumn on Singletrack Glacensis


As autumn is approaching fast, the first thing that the Poles think of is: it is time for mushrooms :-). Indeed, this year there are so many of them that they can even be collected when cycling on singlertracks. I would definitely like to encourage you to visit on a bicycle the forest in autumn. It is the perfect time for trips and the cooler weather lets you plan the longer ones. In the mountains the leaves change colours much faster than in city parks so you can enjoy a festival of colours a little earlier than in the lowlands.

When planning a trip in autumn, it is worth remembering that the singletracks are at an altitude of 500 to 850 m a.s.l. This means that you have to remember to dress warmer. In this article I would like to recommend a trip from Miedzygorze towards Miedzylesie. Miedzygorze is a charming town dominated by tourists walking in the mountains. This, however, is slowly changing as around Miedzygorze you have direct access to 100 km of singletracks. In the town you will find a bicycle repair station, Bike Hotels such as Villa Roz, Willa Weronika, House upon the Waterfall or the Alpine Court which provide cyclists and their bikes with a safe marina. At the certified point the Miedzygorze Zone you can borrow a bicycle and ask Kamil for advice on a selection of tracks.

You can start from one of the points certified by our foundation. The Sniezna street will take you towards the car park and, on the way, you will come across blue posts from which you will learn that you are on a loop at the foot of the Snieznik Mountain. In about 4 km, after a very pleasant uphill section, you will reach the entrance gate to the Ostoja loop. This is an interval track crossed with charming streams and, along the way, there is a natural slightly more difficult singletrack section. If it is too hard there, just get off the bike and push it for a short distance. In autumn it is also wet, watch out for wooden footbridges – they can be slippery, so definitely do not make violent movements on wet footbridges and absolutely do not brake. After 7 km you will reach the Ostoja mountain hostel in Jodlow. It is worth calling in advance whether it is open and, if it is, this is the perfect time for a warm tea and a light meal. After a moment of rest, you enter the Jodlow loop which at the beginning is quite dynamic but later on it becomes easier. After about 8 km you will enter beautiful meadows which you will take you back towards Miedzygorze. In Jodlow, you still have about 1 km of steep asphalt uphill section and then only singletracks. The return is about 7 km and, once you have entered the loop gate under the Snieznik Mountain, you will find a really pleasant finish to Miedzygorze. The last 1.5 km of the track is a new section made in a slightly different spirit than the rest of the singletracks. It is much more dynamic and gives amazing fun to people who like speed.

At the end of the singletrack, a forest path will take you to the so-called car park under the ski-jump in Sniezna street. From there, you go only downhill to your bike hotel. The whole route is about 35 km.

Singletrack Glacensis Ostoja. DOT100

Singletrack Glacensis. Międzygórze. DOT98

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