Węgliniec, yellow tourist loop. DOT17

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This one is the most extensive of the loops in Wegliniec. Similarly to DOT14 and DOT15, it is scarcely marked in the open. In its course, it largely coincides with the Parowa Ponds natural path (DOT13) and a section of this route is the ‘Traces of the Old Railway’ path (DOT16). Most of the route runs on good forest roads but there also are some asphalt stretches. It is definitely more varied than the routes described earlier. You can start your ride from the railway station in Wegliniec. Parowa, a village located in the northernmost part of the route, is an important and interesting turning point. If you plan to buy ceramics, it may be a good place to start for those of you coming by car.

Asuan and Parowa Ponds

More photos and short descriptions can be found on the DOT13 route.

Czerwona Woda and the ‘Traces of the Old Railway’ Path

This historic village in the 19th century was an important centre of the brick industry and, during the times of the People’s Republic of Poland, chamotte clay was extracted there. There used to be a separate railway line from Wegliniec to Czerwona Woda. In the centre of the village, you will find small ponds that are nicely decorated and a bit further on there is a larger pond.


At its beginning, until the 17th century, it was a metallurgical centre based on bog ore deposits. Then ceramics manufacturing began and it is still produced today. You can visit local ceramic factories and take part in workshops and do some shopping in a store offering

Boleslawiec pottery.

Swiete Jezioro (Holy Lake) is an ecological site located in the Lower Silesian Forests (aka Lower Silesian Wilderness), approx. 2km from Parowa. It is an area of 157 hectares of wet meadows, peat bogs and backwaters with rare species of birds and plants under protection. There are broods of cranes, herons, teal and baskets there. You can also follow an educational and natural path of approx. 300m with several information and educational boards and an observation tower.


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